Boxee Box - $90

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Re: Boxee Box - $90

Post by zeroumus » Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:53 pm

NO, No wireless, that would be just silly.

it seemed to happen generally with mkv's that where 12gb +, so i just assumed they where not up to the processing power or bit rate. tried the WD unit and the patriot unit. granted the patriot PBO was not that great, but I expect more out of the WD unit. other than that, it would simply not play some MKV's even with updates to its firmware/software and whatnot. Almost all the content came form

again though, the problem is now solved.... by getting rid of these gutless set top boxs, and having a real PC do the job. I have had 100% success in playing all downloaded movies the first time since. the girlfriend no longer has to watch me reset gear, find lost shares, revert to some SD divx, cuz its the only thing that works 100% on these shitty boxes ( crap SD stuff ). She can now sit down and get ready to watch a movie that is just done downloading, and know in confidence, she is going start watching it right away.

no more junk on my network !
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Re: Boxee Box - $90

Post by Latency » Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:15 pm

I love my junk... and my girlfriend does too. So pffff-f-f-f-T!

Okay, I have not really tried anything over 8.5 GB. I download from HDbits too and they "were" strict on compatibility. Most stuff I download is 720p 4.3GB and the occasional 1080p 8.5GB. Both play awesome, however I know what your issue may have been. For a short while (especially on HDBits) people were encoding movies with a new standard compliance using DTS header compression. This would make the WDTV choke and stutter because it didn't know how to handle this new code found within the H264 mkv file. Most other players choked too, even windows media player home cinema edition. Then after a month, WDTV came out with a firmware that fixed all issues with this. But that's all I've seen this far as far as poor playback is concerned. To call these players junk is going a bit extreme. I consider myself a really picky bastard when it comes to anything audio/video related. I would be the first to call it junk if it was. And yes you're PC is more powerful. it better fucking be... it's a PC :-)
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