Squad game free weekend on Steam (June 21-25)

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Squad game free weekend on Steam (June 21-25)

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Hey guys,

For any not aware, Squad is an indie milsim FPS from devs of BF2 tc mod Project Reality, which is still in ongoing standalone release to this day as well. Squad falls somewhere between the oversimplified accessibility of DICE Battlefield and the sorely realistic pace of ARMA. It's seriously a blast to play, especially with groups who communicate well. Macro teamwork and dynamic planning are critical, but the game also delivers on the nerve-wracking periods of intense combined infantry arms engagement.

While I'm sad I missed out on MegaLAN last weekend, out of town for the missus friends wedding, it would be incredible to get more local population alive in this game before Frag, then roll on servers with hoards of LANners come August!! The free weekend is a great opportunity to try the game out, squad up with some buddies and cause chaos!

Their blog post about free weekend is here, and i think it's on sale during that period too.
Add me on Steam if you want to play (although I'll primarily be playing the Post Scriptum 2nd pre-alpha test while it's open through this weekend).

Hope to see you on,

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